Short Range Weather Forecast (3 Days Forecast)

Model Products Description

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model is a next-generation mesoscale numerical weather prediction system designed for both atmospheric research and operational forecasting applications. It features two dynamical cores, a data assimilation system, and a software architecture supporting parallel computation and system extensibility. The model serves a wide range of meteorological applications across scales from tens of meters to thousands of kilometers. This model is being simulated at spatial resolution of 5Km for a period of 72 hours.


Global Spectral Model (GSM1705) is developed by Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Japan with Spectral triangular 959 (TL959), reduced Gaussian grid system, roughly equivalent to a horizental resolution of 20 km (0.1875˚ × 0.1875˚).Its products are available for a period of 0-72 hours.